Cure Piles - 4 Bottles
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Cure Piles - 4 Bottles

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Buy best medicines for cure piles from Purelyherbs online at best price. Purelyherbs gives you complete cure from bleeding, itching, burning and helps to cure Piles (Hemorrhoid) permanently.

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  • Get relief from piles pain.
  • Relief from constipation.
  • Our formula is Ayush approved.
  • Stops Bleeding , remove lumps.
  • See positive results just after three days We are 100% sure it will surprise you with that.

Important Information

Safety Information:

Pregnant or lactating mothers please consult doctor before taking this capsule.


Mesua Ferrea (NAGKESAR): It is mostly indicated in the bleeding disorders like Piles because it pacifies the Pitta that is it maintains the heat imbalance. Nagkesar reduces the Swelling and Shrinks the Piles, Eradicating the Pain and Stops the Bleeding... Melia Azedarach Linn :To cure various ailments such as piles, mouth ulcer, skin problems, dandruff, gout, inflammation etc. This herb gives relief in both types of piles (bleeding and non-bleeding). Azadirachta indica (seeds): Seeds has Pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and fever reducing compounds that can aid in the healing of cuts, burns..Berberis aristata DC: It is a good herbal cure for Intestinal inflammation, colon & duodenal ulcers. It halts expansion of cancer cells. It arrests water loss from the body due to Diarrhea & loose motions....Kalmi Shora: Helps to shrink the piles mass.

Product Description

Leanhealth Cure Piles is an effective Sure shot treatment for Piles (Hemorrhoid) . Let's understand Piles first: Hemorrhoids or Piles are clumps of dilated (enlarged) blood vessels in the anus and lower rectum. The rectum is the last area of the large intestine before it exits to the anus. The anus is the end of the digestive tract where feces leaves the body. Sometimes hemorrhoids swell when the veins enlarge and their walls become stretched, thin, and irritated by passing stool. Internal hemorrhoids are usually painless and become apparent because they cause bleeding with a bowel movement. External hemorrhoids are located underneath the skin that surrounds the anus, and are lower than internal hemorrhoids. They can be felt when they swell, and may cause itching, pain & bleeding with a bowel movement. With our 'Leanhealth Cure piles' we are 100% sure that You will start getting positive results after three days Just give it a try. Treat the cause not the symptoms. It relive pain and swelling, control bleeding, helps to shrink the pile mass. It is having soothing action facilities the smooth evacuation of feces. The Product is natural, safe and easy to be consumed.. We are Ayush, GMP & ISO certified. If you see, we are the best seller in many products. We continuously work to improve our products & to be best in the race.

Directions for Use:

Dose: 1 capsule daily in night after meal with cold milk or Chach."

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