Balanced Diet Plan for Weight Loss
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Balanced Diet Plan for Weight Loss

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Diet is one of the most important factors for weight loss. If you are looking for weight loss then you are in the right place. We have more than 50 diet experts which will describe you about diet plans which will help you to achieve your weight loss goals

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Have you been struggling with obesity and are you looking for the best diet to lose weight in an effective manner? So it is necessary to eat a balanced diet for weight loss. But you are unable to find the best way to lose weight. So no need to worry, Purelyherbs is the right place to reduce weight with diet. Here you can buy online diet plan to reduce weight. As we are Indian and our diet is rich in lots of fat and unhealthy stuff, so we need to eliminate these stuff from our daily diet to lose weight. A typical Indian meal has the high amount of starchy stuff like potatoes, rice, and sweets, these should be avoided. We also love the junk food like samosas, Chole Bhature, Gulab Jamun, etc items which will aggravate the obesity problems. If you eat once a while this stuff, then it is okay, but when you include this unhealthy stuff on regular basis, it affects your metabolism and leads to overweight. 
You’ll find the best diet for quick weight loss, in which it consists of food that is already available in your kitchen; you don’t need to make major modification in your daily diet.

Many dietary myths are present in Indian society, such as many of us think milk is the complete food, but it is wrong, no single food provides you all the nutrients. For a basic meal plan to lose weight, you need to make a combination of food with each group of nutrients, so it is important to prepare a balanced diet plan which comprises of macronutrients like carbohydrate, fat, and proteins along with micronutrients in your diet such as vitamins and minerals.
The right way to lose weight is by including all 5 group of foods in your meal such as cereals and pulses, fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy product, fats and oil.

You’ll find the best diet for quick weight loss, in which it consists of food that is already available in your kitchen; you don’t need to make major modification in your daily diet.

#1. Carbohydrates
Carbohydrate is the integral component of our Indian diet and it is a major compound of diet. At least half of our energy requirement should come from a carbohydrate source, but it should be from a healthy carbohydrate. Avoid unhealthy or simple CHO from your diets such as bread, biscuits, pasta, semolina, vermicelli, white rice and other sugary stuff which are high in calories. Instead of simple CHO in your diet, opt for complex CHO such as whole wheat and its products, oats, ragi, barley, brown rice, etc which are rich in fiber. Fiber is slow to digest, leave you feeling full for the longer duration, and are therefore the best option for weight control.

#2. Protein
Our diet should be consisting of 25-30% protein on daily basis and it is enough to meet the daily requirement of protein. Protein is essential nutrient which is important for tissue building and maintenance. A high protein diet also supports weight loss. So include whole legumes, pulses, lean meats, egg, dairy and its product which are the great source of protein. Try to include protein in your meal.

#3. Fats
Many of us think that fat is bad for us, but it’s a myth. If we take in limited quantity then it is not bad at all. Whether fat is good for us or not,  depends upon the quality of fat and oils. An Individual should include healthy fat in the diet for weight management such as omega fatty acid, polyunsaturated fatty acid, and monounsaturated fatty acid. Include a variety of oils in your meals. Use healthy oils such as olive oil, mustard oil, sunflower oil, soya bean oil etc. Avoid saturated fat such as butter, ghee, vanaspati ghee etc.

#4. Vitamins and Minerals
Diet rich in green vegetables, fruit, meat and fish, nuts and oilseeds provide you all the essential vitamins and minerals which is needed for body metabolism, nerve and muscle function, bone maintenance, and cell production. So include these food items which are needed for a basic meal plan to lose weight.

Tips for Balanced diet plan for weight loss

#1. Drink plenty of water
Drinking lots of water can boost your metabolism which can help you to lose weight, especially half an hour before the meal may help you to eat less which in turn will result in the reduction of weight. 
#2. Healthy Snacks
Snacking is a good habit while you are on a diet, but make sure you need to opt for healthy snacks. There are many healthy snack options available such as roasted channa (roasted chickpea), murmurs (puffed rice), roasted peanuts, roasted Chidwa chat (vegetable added roasted rice flakes) etc.  These healthy snacks will aid in weight loss.

#3. Eat More Fiber
Include more of green vegetables, salad, fruits and whole grains in the diet which increases fiber content in the diet, it provides bulk to the diet as well as increase satiety and helps you to lose weight fast as they contain few calories, but a lot of fiber. You can eat nuts and seed for more fiber. Learn some types of nuts and seeds and the benefits of nuts and seeds.

#4. Eat small and Frequent Meals
The best way to lose weight fast is including 5-6 meals in a day rather than 2-3 large meals. When we eat frequently, we eat less food, so opt for small and frequent meals for weight loss. 
#5. Light and Early Dinner
Have your light dinner a bit early. Substitute your meal with low-calorie food as, during the night time, body metabolism gets slow. Avoid late dinner as it promotes weight gain.
You don’t need to make huge changes in your daily routine. You need to have a balanced diet plan for weight loss and to get fit.  

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